0% finance - terms and conditions

Offer based on Hire Purchase with a cost price of £10,000.00 + VAT = £12,000.00 less a cash deposit of £6,000.00 (£4,000.00 deposit, plus the VAT) leaving a balance of £6,000.00 repayable over 2 years at £250.00 per month – equivalent to £57.69 per week.

A documentation fee of £195.00 is payable with the first repayment and an Option to Purchase Fee of £75.00 + VAT is collected with the final repayment. Interest charged £0.00. Total repayable include the deposit and fees is £12,285.00

Typical APR 4.67%. Finance is subject to underwriting approval and financial information may be required. This is an indication of terms provided for discussion purposes only.

It shall have no contractual effect and is not binding upon you or us. Redwood Global Limited is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No. 969359.


March 2024